seven little piggies..

some decent shoyuu under the bridge from nanahiki no kobuta in the hachimanyama. this bowl was kinda like a nondescript guy you see on some beer commerical on tv. he kinda looks like your brother in law, or wait, he sorta reminds you of the assistant at the butchers, or hey, no, yeah, he's the dude who you saw on that bus ride that one time.

can't place the bowl exactly. anyhoo, three faceless whatchamacallits fer the piggies..

they say hunger is the best sauce..

damn, its gettin chilly in the machi...

well well well, lookit here. the tonkotsu-miso from fukurou in the tamachi. hmmm..

tiny place, sorta packed, shoe had a look at the osusume ramen on the ole coin op. "miso-tonkotsu negi". hm. only hittin' a one fer three on the ramen sweet spot scale.. shoe went for the 'miso-tonkotsu chashew' ride instead.

dude behind the counter mustve gotten his signals crossed, cos shoe was presented with not only one, but two kindsa onions heaped upon heaps on top o the works. the mephitic lurk factor was just waay too much for shoe to choke down. shoe did a sneaky onion shuffle an wiped em under the table, where they wouldn't bother no one no more..

a few slurps n chomps later an this bowl was toast. real oily soup, with the tonkotsu comin in for a late rally over the sorta hot reddish miso.. shoe was doing some fancy spoonin' to seive out all those stray stands o onions. all told, a middling to fair bowl. but shoe aint done yet..

shoe likes to style hisself as an equal-opportunity ramen fancier, but man, the miso just aint pullin its weight. when it aint too salty, its all too sweety or all peanuty-buttery in yer face. the miso is the red-headed stepchild o the ramen family. now you knows you gots all those "day GOOS-ti-boos nohn est dis-poo-TAHN-dem" assholes out there who figure that just cos they from hokkaido means that miso deserves some cred, but ya know in yer heart o hearts that it just aint so.

cmon, miso lahvers, show us what you gots. shoe is throwin down the gauntlet here. lets see some ramen's ramen from you boogers.

three reds for fukurou...

crazee eggy ice!

k, this was trippin shoe oot big time. it's ice cream in a balloon type thingy.

here's the thing here..full of icey-goodness. nice 'lil rubber band attached to keep it on yer finger..

then what ya gots to do is nip off the tip here..

an teh icecream just comes out in a wee dribble. you suck the egg until the elasticity in the balloon splonks the last bit inta yer gob..

this is the shrunken b'loon once the gig is up.

so fer all yer oral fixation needs, gofer the tamago aisu!

safe n snuggly...

the safe bet. the sure thing. the can't miss. shoe went for all o this with nagahama in the asagaya. and a kaidama to boot. with the special tonkotsu sauce on top.

three locks for the nagahama, grand kyushu styleee. 'nuff said.

now, shoe was pretty happy wit this bowl, being the tonkotsu and having a praawper kyushu lineage n all.. but somethin' was a naggin' him. just down the street stood another ramen joint, a fucking NEGi-ramen joint.

shoe looked at the poster. negi. lots of it. all through the bowl. green onions, taunting shoe. 'can you handle all this negi, big boy?' it said to shoe. shoe stared some more. thats a lot o negi. shoe dont like the negi. does shoe fear the negi? is this too much of a bowl for the shoe to take? shoe shied away, and took solace in the tonkotsu...

shoe's back in the asagaya next week. will shoe quail? tune in next time, kiddies.


umeiya is one phonky joint. shoe stepped in to hear the big-beat stylings of Bentley Rythym Ace, ahh shweetums. mostly trendy boogers lining the counters, pretty slick. whaddaya ex'pects for aoyama, man?

so now, yer all expectin' shoe to get nasty on umeiya, sayin' junk like, "Oh, why cain't they make that ramens like they used-ta-ta??" but no dice. the 'kyushu yatai' flava was right on the money, an shoe would be hard pressed to say this was an imposter iffn the lights were oot. truly worthy of a spot somewhere near hakata..

umeiya is like some biig shiny pretty robot. all fly an cool lookin' on the outside, but its got archie andrew's jalopy chuggin' away for a heart. that means its good. an hands down the best dj to boot.

three swish! for swish umeiya.


suica was a tricky bowl to figger out. in the asagaya, under the tracks, prime location, but strangely quiet. unsettling. what has suica gots to hide, shoe asks?

it sure aint their chashew! kee-rap. now as soon as shoe laid into that, he was all ready to write suica off. noodles too much on the processed side,soup a wee too clear, no punch. even an interestin' variation on the soft-boiled egg (white half-cooked as well! who'da thunk it) wasn't going to save suica.

but then the bowl turned. shoe dunno what black magick took hold o that bowl, but the bowl turned. somehow the soup started gettin', well, sorta tasty! things were mixin', junk was coolin', it was confusing for a bit.

now, we ain't talkin' transmogrification of soup into the flesh n blood o the true savior or anything. just a subtle change in the bowl, enough to upgrade it from meagre, to passable. comparable to findin' out that the gum ya stepped in came off in one nice scrape offa yer boot.

three shrugs for suica, woteva!

new digs.. again.

looks like itsa been a whole year witout the shoe tinkerin' wit the works!! whaddaya think, fellas?

that's just nice..

in the tamachi, kagemaru is a real solid bowl o rich shoyuu. booyah.

eatin at kagemaru was like dating a swell girl after having spent a weekend pokin' a harem of hawt playboy rock groupies. yeh, she's nice n all, but man, the mehm'ries...

three swell girls for kagemaru, shoe is back to earth.

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